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Seaforth Rain Hoods Used in Ireland



Seaforth Rain Hoods do the job at rainy matches in Ireland.

True to form the weather in Ireland during September was wet and windy.  The Seaforth Rain Hood was put to the test on each day of a very prestigious international competition except the sunny final round.  The Seaforth Rain Hood was displayed in red and royal on the golf bags.

With the wind whipping and the rain coming in sideways it was evident that the Seaforth Rain Hood was doing just what it was supposed to do - keep the clubs dry and make the player's and caddy's jobs easier while playing in very inclement weather.  The lightweight, flexible, waterproof rain hood is designed to allow one hand access to the clubs during play - an essential service when both caddy and player are working with clubs, umbrellas, and towels - all in a pelting downpour!  Many caddies stashed their extra towel in the top of the bag under the Seaforth Rain Hood.

In addition to the Seaforth Rain Hood many of the competitors were using the Seaforth Yardage Book cover to keep their important yardage books dry and legible during the round.

Choose Seaforth Rain Gear for protection from the elements and to extend your golf season.  Seaforth is the choice of golf professionals around the world. "When it pours, we reign!"